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I’m located in Brooklyn, NY and have taught privately for about 16 years. I was a faculty member at National Guitar Workshop, Montclair Music Studios, author of the Twang 101 column for Premier Guitar Magazine and I write instructional guitar courses for Truefire. I’m available for private lessons and seminars and I teach all levels. If you live somewhere outside of the Tri-State area, I can do Skype or Google video lessons. If you would like to do a video lesson please have a general idea of what you would like to work on beforehand. After payment is received I will email you any handouts pertaining to the lesson in PDF form and we will set up a time.

You can also choose one of the downloadable lessons here on the instruction page. These lessons are available almost immediately after purchase. The downloadable lessons come with PDFs including notation and tab and MP3s of performances and personal instruction. I’m always adding new lessons so keep checking back or feel free to suggest a topic.



The Big Book of Twang: Country Lead


This is my country guitar method book. I’ve spent years putting together what I think is a unique and thorough approach to learning, shedding and applying country guitar lead techniques. The book is divided into sections dedicated to each essential technique and concept that make country guitar so identifiable. We start with the mechanics, how to shed it on the neck in different positions, keys, sets of strings and then every section is followed by two instrumental studies that shows that technique’s application. I think it’s great for any player looking to have total freedom in this style and not just simply regurgitate “licks.”


Topics covered are:
Chicken pickin’, chicken pickin’ triads, pickin’ 3rds, pickin’ 6ths, banjo rolls, open string licks, flat pickin’, double stops, bending 3rds, bending 6ths, pedal steel guitar bends and lap steel guitar voicings.


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