Peach Crate

L I N E R   N O T E S

Jason Loughlin — Guitars and Harmonium
Jason Hogue — Upright Bass
Stephen Chopek — Drums and Percussion
Rich Hinman — Pedal Steel on “Slack Jaw”

Written and produced by Jason Loughlin
Engineered by Pete Donnelly at

Clover’s House of Love
Additional Engineering by Jason Loughlin
Mixed by Adam Winokur at Kawari Sound
Mastered by Chris Muth
Photography by Sara Mayti
Art and Layout by Joe Jurewicz
All songs © 2011 Recordian Publishing, BMI

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“Peach Crate”

Released 2011
Big Pop Records
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With the release of his debut album, Peach Crate, Loughlin steps out of the sideman role to prove that he is a formidable front man in his own right. Drawing upon the rich musical roots–the moods and memories–of his childhood days in Florida, Loughlin’s debut record pays homage to many of his guitar heroes-players like Jimmy Bryant, Hank Garland, Danny Gatton and Les Paul–and to the days when the guitar records they made reigned supreme on the airwaves. Throughout Peach Crate, you can hear the sounds of the old rural South and almost see the scenes of swampland and beaches, horse farms and dirt roads, drifting through as the record spins.


Each track on the album conjures moods through carefully crafted compositions. The title track “Peach Crate,” which features Loughlin on lap steel guitar, cascades effortlessly like a breeze through an orchard. When “Whoopsie Daisy” kicks in, there’s no doubt this is a showpiece, complete with an orchestrated solo that pays tribute to Les Paul’s multi-tracking prowess. The record invokes a surprising range of moods and landscapes, none more than “Steep Grade”. This lumbering Truckerbilly tune sounds like ghost-driven semi rolling down Route 66. Humor and darkness are battling it out on Peach Crate for our benefit.




“Jason Loughlin wears his guitar-playing heroes on his sleeve, down his arms and into his fingers, which ties directly back into his soul. Loughlin has chops to burn, but he uses them in tasty, easy-going doses that dance across the ears…we hear an instrumentalist of great range, taste and joy. Add to that a killer rhythm section…and you’ve got a record that packs a wallop. Peach Crate is an impressive debut recording.” —Frank Alkyer, Downbeat Magazine


“★★★★ Wow. All in all, Peach Crate is an excellent debut in a style that you just don’t hear enough of nowadays.” —Sean Westergaard, All Music Guide


“Uncannily well-constructed launching pads for great picking. A great “guitar” album that could easily sit alongside those of his inspirations.”—Dan Forte, Vintage Guitar Magazine


“The Brooklyn-ite’s debut album wondrously fits the space that had been empty since jazz-country genius Danny Gatton. It’s the closest that modern music fans might get to a fretboard meeting between New York City and Nashville.” —Todd Lazarski, Express Milwaukee


“He possesses that greatness that makes it seem like it’s all very simple for him. I’ve enjoyed this CD probably as much as I enjoy 88 Elmira St(Danny Gatton). and I just can’t figure out a way to be any more complimentary than that!” —Buster Fayte’s Rockabilly Romp